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Pre-debut[ edit ] Kim was born and raised in Gyeonggi-do , South Korea. He graduated high school along with fellow member Park Yoochun in They appeared on a show called ” Survival Audition – Heejun vs. T , SM Entertainment’s former group. Kangta praised Kim highly in the show, saying that he had potential as a lead vocalist. He also made an appearance in the second part of “Timeless”‘ music video. In , he was chosen to be part of Samsung’s Anycall project group, Anyband. Anyband has only released one single of the same name. During TVXQ ‘s third Asian tour, he performed another self-composed song “Xiahtic”, which was then rearranged and performed in Japanese for his solo performance at the Tohoshinki 4th Live Tour The Secret Code in Tokyo Dome.

Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk making waves with first album

Team Hyori is put to work in order to earn their supper and beds. Eunhyuk and Se-yoon head off to find rice, and Si-yoon and Hyun-joong are off to plead side dishes from neighbors in exchange for autographs and photos. They stop on the side of the road, where they grill each other about ex-girlfriends. All we learn is when they embraced, she came up to about here: Thwarted, he moves on to ideal girls, and Si-yoon claims Uee as his type while Hyun-joong says Hyori is his.

Hyun-joong proceeds to act as a real hyung and schools Si-yoon on the art of picking up women.

Jan 11,  · It’s about Eunhyuk and Donghae fight. Hyukki told Donghae that they’re just co-workers and Donghae decided to give Hyukki a good lesson and that’s why he broke up with him and began dating with Siwon.

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Shinee Lee Taemin was born on July 18, Growing up, Taemin dreamed of being a pilot until he discovered dancing when he was in 6th grade. His parents, noticing his talent for dance, prompted him to audition during the SM Open Weekend Audition Casting where he was accepted immediately. In , Taemin was chosen to debut as a member of Shinee at the age of Entertainment revealed that Taemin would be taking part in the reality variety show ” We Got Married ” with Son Na-eun as his partner, replacing the previous couple Kwanghee and Sunhwa.

On August 18, , Taemin made his solo debut and released his first mini album Ace , which contains six songs.

The world between kpop idols is really small. In the recent interaction between one of the youngest idols in the industry and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Teen Top expressed his intention to become the next anchovy like his hyung.

Joe to Eunhyuk, “I will be Anchovy L. Joe expressed his intention to become the next anchovy like his hyung. On August 9, L. Joe posted a photo of him on his instagram account showing his new red hair, in which Eunhyuk commented, “Hyung’s Eunhyuk hair was red the day before yesterday, you wanted to become like hyung me? Joe politely replied, “kkkk anchovy hyung and dongsaeng.

I will become anchovy L. Fans were quite surprised when L. Joe called him anchovy. They commented, “Idols have no boundaries at all. Joe knows his nickname is anchovy. On August 10, he wrote, “My brothers whom I haven’t seen for a long time! Everyone should support Super Junior’s concerts” He also posed with Henry and wrote, “Give support for Henry’s new album!

[Download+Lyrics] Super Junior 1st Japanese Album “HERO”

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Jul 01,  · Super Junior’s sixth album is Sexy, Free & Single! Kangin has finally rejoined the group after completing his military service, and this is leader Lee Teuk’s last album before entering the new title song Sexy, Free & Single is a “soulful house” dance number with trendy arrangement and an addictive chorus that will have fans around the world singing : call the doctor.

Shinee Lee Taemin was born on July 18, Growing up, Taemin dreamed of being a pilot until he discovered dancing when he was in 6th grade. Taemin viewed him in a different light and respected him in many aspects of his performance. It was because of Michael Jackson that Taemin decided to become a dancer. In , Taemin was chosen to debut as a member of Shinee at the age of On August 18, , Taemin made his solo debut and released his first mini album Ace , which contains six songs.

Taemin headed to a dance studio in L. Bruno Mars , who is well known for hit songs ” Treasure ” and ” Marry You “, participated in producing the song, which starts at a slow tempo and forwards to fast electronic rhythm. The album was released on July The album includes four new songs and a Japanese version of “Press Your Number”. Flame of Love and Move[ edit ] In July , Taemin held his first solo concert in Japan at Budokan arena in Tokyo [23] and released a new Japanese song, “Flame of Love”, ahead of the concert, [24] which attracted 28, fans.

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EunHyuk-IU scandal from last 9th of November As EunHae Shippers we were surely very shocked when this photo was posted as the scandal invaded the internet, and our social networks in less than a few hours. We were already at the time serious EunHae shippers, and to see that was kind of feeling heartbroken.

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When you break up with your girlfriend, how do you do it? Do you still remember? I can remember some. How did you initiate the break up? Doing this makes you look like you have no confidence. There were so many beautiful memories…… Did you do something wrong to the girl? Nothing fancy to be remembered, all of them are bad memories. When he opened the packaging, he found out he cut the earpiece also, so he had to buy a new one.

Yea, the packaging nowadays are so tight, and accidentally cutting the contents while opening the packaging really is infuriating. When we were still trainees, you and Junsu cheated me of my food money. I sweared that I must get back my money before I hit 30 years old.

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MTV VMAJ TVXQ nominated for ‘Best Group Video’ with “Catch Me -If you wanna-“ Super Junior’s Donghae And Eunhyuk Say They’re Proud Of Former Groupmate Henry.

Is a heavy drinker. Before and after the scandal. Hyomin Her family has disowned her for being associated with the dating club. Possibilities of her being falsely accused are very likely, but CCM is taking no action to clear this particular accusation with press release. Her father was initially against her choice of career, but eventually accepted her wishes once he knew that she would continue her education.

Big Bang G-Dragon is the one who has issues with certain members of Super Junior and these issues date back to the time he was trainee at SM Entertainment.

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Admin Han Facts About Yesung 1. His real name is actually Kim Jong-woon. Yesung had to be in hospital after he collapsed after running for a charity marathon, he ran 70 km. He usually gets cut off from TV shows because he talks too much. When he had his debut it was only until a few weeks later that he was shown on stage. He likes to touch the other members philtrum at night time, he will go into their rooms and touch their philtrums. He is part of Super Junior K. Yesung had to be in hospital after he fell off a 1.

His favorite season is autumn. He has small fingers He would like to go to Canada. He had his first kiss when he was in 2nd Year High School. He could imitate Kangin, Donghae and Siwon perfectly.


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May 15,  · Leeteuk: In the past, when I had a girlfriend, and both of us were together, if I saw my parents coming towards us, I would tell my girlfriend “Go to the back, and hide”. She wanted to greet my parents, but I insisted on her hiding.

He has an older sister Lee So-ra. Raised in a family that struggled financially, he was interested in street performing as a child. Inspired by the likes of H. However he failed the audition in and entered again the following year and got in as a trainee. He began training in singing, dancing, acting, and had brief Mandarin Chinese language courses.

He was also scouted with an interview offer from a top modelling agency in Seoul , yet declined due to contract issues. In the midst of trainee life in , he reached SM’s master dance class and won the Goyang citywide dance competition in Kangta , Battle of the Century: Rock, in which Moon Hee-joon and Kangta taught them techniques on different types of singing.

Career[ edit ] — However, plans changed and the company declared a halt in forming future Super Junior generations. Following the addition of thirteenth member Kyuhyun , the group dropped the suffix “05” and became officially credited as Super Junior. With the exception of four months from March to June , where bandmate Yesung temporarily replaced Eunhyuk, while he was away on promotional activities for Super Junior-M ‘s third EP Perfection.

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