If you’re new here, be sure to subscribe to Ghost Hunting Secrets for free ghost hunting tips, videos, haunted locations, and other goodies. Many of my subscribers have questions about orbs. Some people question whether orbs are solid evidence of paranormal activity. Other subscribers want to know why orbs appear in many of their photographs. Meanwhile, other subscribers want to know why certain orbs have different colors red, blue , and if there is a meaning to these colors. So, let’s tackle some of these questions… What is an Orb? An orb is a solid or transparent “ball” of energy or light. Some parapsychologists believe that orbs are spirits, or lingering energy from deceased entities. No one truly knows what orbs are.

Dating a Schizophrenic – Tips and Advice

One of the things that really stood out to me and roused my ire was American women. Having been exposed to other cultures and interacting with foreign women, I now had a reference point for which to formulate a basis of comparison, something I never had or could do previously. In addition to learning more about myself, I gained a deeper yet eye-opening understanding about the culture in which I was born and raised.

This is my perspective on the species that is American women via my experiences and keen observations. The typical American woman is fat. This is the most blatantly obvious and glaring observation about American women.

4 Signs You’re Dating Emotionally Unavailable Women. 4 Signs You’re Dating Emotionally Unavailable Women. By: Allison Petro, LMHC. Are you dating a girl who feels as “Cold as Ice”? Or maybe you always find yourself thinking that the women you choose to date are cold one minute and hot the next. Here are 4 signs you are dating.

Email What do you think it takes to achieve your goals? While these are paramount to becoming successful in reaching our goals, neither of these are possible without a positive mindset. As humans, we naturally tend to lean towards a negative outlook when it comes to our hopes and dreams. We are prone to believing that we have limitations either from within ourselves or from external forces keeping us from truly getting to where we want to be in life.

The problem with this is that this common mindset fuels our limiting beliefs and shows a lack of faith in ourselves. Successful mindsets are those focused on victory, based on positive mental attitudes, empowering inclinations and good habits.

7 signs that you’re dating a sapiosexual

Or the shady significant other who always seemed to disappear for days, only to return with excuses about their whereabouts? You may have come across a narcissistic or sociopathic personality type. Narcissists and sociopaths are notorious for engaging in both emotional and physical infidelity. Not only are narcissists players and pick-up artists in the dating world, they are also serial cheaters in relationships. They have an insatiable need for validation and attention. When combined with their sense of sexual entitlement, this makes them dangerous predators who place their partners at high risk for emotional and physical repercussions.

10 Signs You’re Dating A Psychopath. Created with Sketch. Created with Sketch. Created with Sketch. Created with Sketch. Created with Sketch. Created with Sketch. Created with Sketch. Created with Sketch. Created with Sketch. Once you’re hooked, the triangulation sets in.

He blogs at MattForney. He is the author of Do the Philippines and many other books, available here. But does our world really privilege men over women? All the signs point to no. More women than men are attending college and earning degrees According to Pew Research Center , 71 percent of women enroll in college after graduating high school while only 61 percent of men do, with the gap widening every year.

On average, boys perform worse in school than girls Girls consistently earn higher grades than boys in grade school , including in math and science. So many men are imprisoned in the U. Men are more likely to commit suicide than women From to , the U. Middle-aged men and military veterans are especially at risk of suicide. Rape rates in the U. In other words, only 0.

Signs You are Dating a Player

More Articles January 25, Every relationship has its ups and downs, regardless of how mentally stable — or unstable — each person is. But one type of relationship, in particular, that can be more challenging than most is one that involves a narcissist. So, before you get tangled in their deceitful web, see if any of these 10 signs sound familiar.

Signs You’re Dating a Fuckboy. Not sure if that guy you’re dating is for real or just yanking you around like a grade-A fuckboy? Here are a few sure-fire signs that guy is fuckboi to the max: His haircut.

Does your partner exhibit the characteristics of narcissism listed below? What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder? But behind this mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem, vulnerable to the slightest criticism. Many narcissists will label others as selfish and narcissistic, demanding respect for what they need and giving no regard for what their partner might need.

You cannot convince a narcissist to see their behavior as hurtful. Narcissism exists on a scale. The most extreme narcissists will appear warm and inviting, but their motivation is to draw you into a relationship with them, and when the first sign of conflict arises or you express disappointment or challenge them, their deep sense of shame ignites narcissistic rage or manipulation in the form of gaslighting.

This is what is so confusing for someone who intersects with a narcissist. Many people in the beginning of a relationship, put their best foot forward. The difference is the motivation behind the charm.

9 Signs You’re Dating a Married Man

Meaning of Lyrics From Songs of the Seventies These are the meanings behind the song lyrics from various songs of the 70s. In particular, we’re looking for songs that aren’t immediately obvious. We also have pages on this topic devoted to the 80s and 90s 0. Sweet dreams and flying machines in peices on the ground represent when his girlfriends plane crashed. Susanna was in sweet dreams and she was in a plane and it sadly crashed. Steely Dan’s “Everyone’ Gone to the Movies” A song about a guy who shows dirty movies in his den on his own old movie projector to kids.

Whatever the problem may be, you need to find out exactly what constitutes cheating. Because you deserve to know if you are dating a disloyal, cheating, lying person! Below are 9 early signs that you are dating a total cheater. 1.) They Are Slowly Getting More Distant. You use to talk all the time and you shared dozens of inside jokes.

By Kristina Randle, Ph. I found out recently he has been receiving treatment for the last 4 years. I only found out through a relapse which occurred for him after he decided to stop taking his medication. The week leading upto me finding out about his condition was very stressful and may have triggered his relapse. My bag had gotten stolen and I lost everything. I became rather upset and angry and shouted at me as he was with me at the time of the incident.

He began to behave very strange a few days later and I decided to meet up with him in person at his home to talk things through. However he was not answering his calls and was responding to my texts in strange way. I had thought maybe someone had stolen his phone and was replying back to me in a childish way. Eventually he picked up and he sounded at one moment very distant and the next very angry.

I thought the best solution would be to meet up and discuss it through we agreed to talk things through in the morning. I was very disconcerted as none of this was making sense to me.

10 Signs You’re Dating A Fuck Boy

Schizophrenia Signs to Watch Out For Schizophrenia is one of the more detrimental mental illnesses that occur among people. The word schizophrenia literally means scattered mind. This problem can happen rapidly or over a longer period of time. If you think that you know someone who is developing schizophrenia, you can look for certain signs.

By doing this, you can catch the problem in its earlier stages, allowing the person to be able to move back towards living a normal life.

She’s in love with a schizophrenic man Team Bonobology August 3, am July 25, She is in love with a schizophrenic older man and wants .

Want a new pair of heels? If you notice signs that you’re dating a foot fetishist, it could be a match made in heaven. I have a very long history with foot fetishism. Much of that is thanks to my dating history. My first run-in with a foot fetish happened in high school. He was my boyfriend, and at the time, I didn’t realize he had a thing for toes until someone pointed out that he spent an inordinate amount of time rubbing my feet.

Things Not To Say To Someone With Schizophrenia