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Then how about differences in the way we love? Dating and courting in Japan is uniquely different from other countries. In this article we will introduce how relationships differ in Japan. First, how does a man meet a woman? Most times couples meet at schools, companies, or through friends. In those cases they first become friends and then become a couple. This is obviously similar to how it works in other countries as well. Gokon is short for Godo Konpa singles mixer. It originally meant a drinking party held by several groups.

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Description This is a strictly singles event. Would you like to make your Christmas a little more special this year? Would you like to be part of a historic moment?

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Hostesses are no exception. During the course of the year, Mayu Orihara might find herself at a shrine praying that the companies employing her hostess club’s customers will not go out of business. This will hopefully ensure continued patronage to her club, and, as a result, an increased chance that it will stay in business. After all, she’s been at roughly 15 different clubs in and around Tokyo during her three years as a hostess and going from one to the next so frequently is not good for her hostess resume.

Take a seat with the Captain this week at the Paris coffee shop in Shibuya, Tokyo, where, in addition to taking inventory of Mayu’s haul of presents from her customers, he learns from Mayu the details behind the shrine visits and that working in the hostess world can be a continual mental struggle in differentiating business from pleasure. Mayu Orihara her working name Age: Studying English, cooking, and cleaning Hometown: Tsuchiura, Ibaraki Next task: How was business during the holidays that just passed?

Last year our club was crowded but not this year. So is the mama-san always complaining about this?

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YouTube More While matchmaking apps like Tinder have jumped in popularity in recent years, Japan is one place which still holds face-to-face matchmaking sessions for interested parties. These sessions are usually informal, where men and women meet over food and drinks. But would you meet someone whose face is obscured? How important are looks, anyway?

All participants are required to wear a surgical mask — not the stylish masks used in a masquerade. This is to allow people to focus less on the physical appearance of their partners, and more on their character, values and other traits not immediately visible.

Group dating is a modern pattern for dating where a group of single men and a group of single women organise a night out, with the hope of forming romantic partnerships. It is most popular in Japan, where it is known as other cultures, group dating is becoming more popular as a safe alternative to single dating (especially blind dating), also helping to ease tension, because both.

And the main purpose of Gokon is to try and find your loved one. In Japan, if you want to meet someone new, what you can do is get together with you friends and hold this special type of party. In this article, I will give you some important tips on how to make the most of Gokon. First of all, for people who are not familiar with Gokon, let me help you understand what it actually is. Gokon is a party held by girls and boys, who are looking for opportunities to meet new people.

Most Gokons consist of small groups like 3 women and 3 men, each group having the same number as the other group. Usually, Gokons are drinking parties. However, you will also have dinner with your friends and with new people, and have great conversations. Hidden rules you have to know before Gokon In Gokon, there are some underlying rules during the party.

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John Williams is that rare western filmmaker who has chosen to live and work in Tokyo, though he originally came to Japan in with the intention of saving enough money to go to film school in the US. There were practically no film schools for young students and the average age at the National Film School — the only institution for aspiring filmmakers, was To that end, he needed to get some cash together and Japan seemed like the place to earn it.

By the time Williams got the funds together for New York, he was deep in the throes of life in Japan and travels in Asia. And, well, going to the US seemed to me like a conventional, boring choice. Staying here seemed much more interesting.

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SHARE A boy and a girl meet at a bar or a party, experiencing that special spark that will forever linger in their minds. If they successfully manage to ride out the usual bumps that arise in a typical relationship along the way, they end up tying the knot. Once upon a time, love was simple. However, finding romance in 21st-century Japan — a country where the population is on the decrease and the average age is on the rise — is a completely different story.

Quite literally, Morikawa said, it was very easy to bump into a potential spouse back then. Morikawa is a political scientist but is also known for his research in rennaigaku science of love. He teaches a scientific course at the university on how men and women interact with each other and start romantic relationships, looking at how love is ultimately related to social demographics and beyond. He acknowledges that even in the good old days, there were men and women who had difficulty finding their mates.

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The venue is usually a restaurant, an izakaya , or anywhere people can eat, drink and make a bit of noise. Typically groups of men and women will sit opposite each other and converse with one another, while simultaneously whispering discussions with their same-sex peers about which potential partners they find attractive.

Sometimes games are played to reduce tension and encourage a convivial atmosphere. Recently, writing a text message on a mobile phone and showing it to others has become popular as an alternative to whispering. Group online dating, its creators and practitioners say, is safer than traditional Internet dating: With friends in tow, there’s little fear that a date will spike your drink during a trip to the bathroom.

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After an initial dormancy , the iPhone has boomed in Japan over the past two years and attracted hordes of app developers. What Japan Thinks has an English-language rundown of a Goo survey that asked site visitors which apps are best suited for use at a gokon. Standard gokon etiquette states that initial seating arrangements should be men on one side of a table and women on the other.

Will it put you next to the girl of your dreams? Or the friend she brought with her who is. This was the highest rated app in the survey.

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Jul 30, Japan is an innovative country. Every now and then, they surprise people with their cool and creative ideas. From technologies and such, down to some inventions of personal stuff, they really meet the expectations. Name it, most likely they have it.

Can I use music to gain an edge on a first date? Is there any truth to this in real life? We already know that music in elevators, restaurants, and bars can enhance the atmosphere or at least make them bearable. This experiment used parties called gokon that have become common in Japan. At these parties, there is matchmaking, blind-dating, and speed dating to help singles meet each other. The researchers used these settings to test whether background music influenced the conversations between people getting to know each other.

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While in my hometown, it is perfectly normal to ask a nice girl out for dinner or dancing, there are several rules of etiquette that needed to be followed in Japan. Before I proposed to my girlfriend of three years, Sakura and I first interacted with each other through what was called in Japan as gokon, the American equivalent of the group blind date. I happened to tag along with one of my first friends in Japan on my first gokon.

As is the norm in Japanese culture, people often go on several gokon before they even get to properly date. I made my first mistake when I immediately asked Sakura out after our first gokon.

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Japan’s group date (gokon) culture PART 2 / 日本の合コン文化 PART 2〔# 110〕