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The shotgun is the perfect weapon for home defense and disaster prep. You can use it to fend off home intruders, hunt for food, or even shoot skeet with your buds. Before I brought a shotgun into my house, I wanted make sure I knew how it worked and how to fire it safely and correctly. On this trip, he explained the very basics of understanding and firing a shotgun. Because the power of a single cartridge charge is divided among multiple pieces of shot, the energy of the shot decreases greatly as it travels away from the gun. There are a variety of shotguns out on the market that serve different purposes.

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Horst Auction Center “The Voices Of Experience” Remington Model Wingmaster. Serial # W. 16 Ga. pump action shotgun made in 28” plain barrel choked modified with a bore that should clean up to excellent. The barrel is an SA and is dated 7/42 which corresponds to the 8/42 dating of the receiver. Most other parts.

History of the Model The Model quickly proved to be dependable and super-accurate out of the box. Deer hunters embraced the new rifle, and sales took off. Remington machines a left-handed version of the Model BDL chambered for the 3 most popular deer cartridges,. Legions of lefties cheered. The left-handed production bolt-action hunting rifle was born.

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Aug 03,  · I have a Remington Wingmaster and the barrel is marked Mod. on the left side of the barrel. When I light the barrel and look down it, it is a smooth bore from top to bottom. If it has a modified choke to it shouldn’t I see something in the barrel other then smooth sides? It appears to be made in the 70s, even though I was told it was made in

What is the age of a Remington Wingmaster serial V? You can call Remington at and go thru the menu selection. One of the menu options is to request information on your Remington based off the serial number. You read off your serial number and the guy looks up in the database the year the gun was made and what the original barrel was fo…r that gun if gun had barrel options like shotguns do.

Value depends on condition, popularity of model, barrel length, prior use, original box presence, etc. After looking at Gunbroker, go to Impact guns to view a similar gun price new. You’re probably looking at from … used gun price. Be careful if you take your gun for appraisal as it is customary for peole to lowball you.

Rather than ask a price for your gun, view other guns available of similar make and model and aks for prices of these guns. Id say Early s. On the left side of the barrel next to the receive…r is two or three letters stamped below and behind where the choke is stamped in the barrel. Compare those to the webpage. Nice old guns but not “REAL” collector issue till its over 50 yrs old.

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Remington Semi-Auto Shotguns Model It was discontinued in The walnut stocks were machine checkered. There was no engraving on the receiver. It ‘s magazine held 4 or 5 rounds.

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These are my picks, based on effectiveness, cost, and reliability. If you disagree with any of my picks, feel free to opine to the contrary in the comments section. Hi-Point Pistol Caliber Carbine in. My pick is in. I know the 9mm ammo is a little less expensive, and perhaps a little more available. But from a long gun, I feel the. A pistol caliber carbine has a number of advantages over handguns and over more powerful long guns for self-defense in the home: A carbine can deliver a quick double tap to the body, or an accurate headshot, from a much greater distance than a semi-auto pistol.

If I had to pick only one firearm for home defense, it would be this one. Inexpensive and highly effective. Remington Shotgun in 12 gauge Speaking of highly effective guns for self-defense in the home, a single blast from a 12 gauge with a full power loading of double-aught buckshot is the definition of effective. Federal has a nice loading with 9 pellets of 00 buckshot at a modest fps.

Fiocchi offers 9 pellets of 00 buck at fps. Hornady gives you only 8 pellets of 00 buck but at fps.


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Remington Wingmaster Model Pump Action 12 gauge Shotgun. Serial number: SV. Takes ” shells and it has a vented rib. Nice patina on the walnut wood stock. Embossed leather like gun case included along with original Instruction Folder. Untested.

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Oct 14,  · I have a 20 inch barrel Wingmaster that was a trade-in from a South Texas Department. I would love to cut it back but I don’t think the extra cost of a stamp is really worth it in my instance.

This shotgun has more acessories made for it than all the other shotguns put together. The reason for this is a history for dependability dating back to the mid part of this century. The comes in many models and configurations from a model for Trap compitition to the favorite riot gun for law enforcement. The comes in both a left and right hand model. The utilizes twin action bars to prevent binding of the slide action during rapid operation of the weapon.

The also utilizes twin shell stops to prevent shells from slipping from the magazine tube. It is possible that a shell can slip from the magazine and wedge between the shell carrier the part that lifts the shell from the magazine and the slide assembly the part that moves the bolt itself. In the new models of the this problem has been cured by the installation of the “flexitab kit”. It is very easy matter to clear this type of jam.

Clearing is accomplished by slamming the weapon against a hard surface while racking the action. The flexitab conversion consists of a carrier assembly, a slide assembly, and a breech block assembly either black or chrome. An easy way to tell if the flexitab assembly is installed in you gun or one you might by is by the U shaped cut in the carrier assembly. For those weapons that have the old style assembly all is not lost. The flexitab conversion can be owner installed in any

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All firearms shipped in Canada will be sent by Canada Post. The firearms will be insured and signature required. All ammunition will be sent by UPS. Shipping charge will be determined after the day of the auction. If possible firearms and other items will be packaged together. Please contact the ATF at for more information.

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Remington Barrel Code and Serial Number, How to Find Out Manufacture Date