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In this commercial for Trojan condoms which was banned for good reason, it seems a young woman tests her boyfriend by convincing her sister to try seducing him. She only thinks he passes the test; the commercial seems to have been based on the first entry under “Jokes” below. Anime and Manga Naruto: There’s one of these during the first part of the Chuunin exam. An extremely difficult written exam is given. Before the final and supposedly most difficult question is revealed, the contestants are given a chance to quit the exam.


And Kagami Minami was never accepted in her wolf tribe. Deciding to leave the tribe and go on her own, she is constantly being hunted by Koga’s men so she can be killed. When an incident occurs, Sesshomaru comes across the helpless wolf demon and sa

Inuyasha Quiz Tivia: Android app ( ★, 1,+ downloads) → Do you think you know everything about Inuyasha? From Inuyasha to all its movies and everything in between? /5(14).

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InuYasha is an anime series about Kagome Higurashi, a modern-day teenager who lives by an old Japanese shrine. One day, she falls down an ancient well and is transported back in time to feudal Japan. She meets InuYasha and embarks on a mission to retrieve a precious jewel before their enemy, Naraku, gets his hands on it. Now, as Kagome tries to protect the Shikon, she accidentally shatters it and must find all the pieces before the other demons do. InuYasha – InuYasha is half-human, half- dog demon.

He has strong demon-like strength and claws, but possesses a human heart.

lol whats up people welcome to my master quiz 1 Whats your fav persion in the show 2 whats your fav color 3 whats your hair color.

Inuyasha is an anime about a half dog demon on his quest to, at first,get the shikon jewl and use it to become a full fledged demon, which leads to a rivalry with his full blooded demon brother, and the search for legendary shikon jewel shards. This quest for the shards leads to many friends, such a…s a fox demon, Shippo, a demon hunter, Sango, a lecherous monk, Miroku, and a reincarnated priestess that is a school girl, by the name of Kagome , and she loves him but Inuyasha loves Kikyo the dead preistess and Inuyasha also likes Kagome.

In the end, he fights with his friends, who he protects with his father’s gift. With this sword, he protects them,and himself. This is a Japanese manga series which can be watched on cartoon network at 5: It also can be read as a book that you can get in America because it gets published in japan and can be read in America as long as in japan. What do those have to do with the question “What is Inuyasha?

Inuyasha is a extremely HOT half demon that was pined to a tree by Kikyo a priestess his former lover Kikyo and Inuyasha were in love and got pined against each other by a despicable half demon named naraku. Naraku was a fugitive named onigomo that was burned and was treated by Kikyou and he wanted …to spend his life with her so he sold his sole to some demons who dispraised Kikyou and Thurs was born Naroku.

Naroku shiftshaped into Inuyasha and took out Kikyou.

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Report Story Kagome’s pov Ugh, it’s been a long morning. In fact, I’m already in school for the day. I had nothing else better to do, and I’m curious of my math test.

About Guess The Inuyasha – Inuyasha Quiz: Game Guess Inuyashaa answers in English. Look shade, Style, Hair and guess the Inuyashaa Name. Take the quiz true Inuyashaa and find out! the game will challenge your knowledge about Inuyashaa.

Miroku and his friends get stuck taking the tests. Shippo makes fun of Inuyasha and climbs in rank. Every time Inuyasha tries to attack, he is undermined by demonic energy. In order to be able to quickly use the demonic power well, Inuyasha has no choice but to go through training. But Moryomaru, who wants his Shikon shards, catches Koga. Inuyasha counterattacks, despite enduring some fierce blows, but all of his attacks aimed at the Mirror Demon end up being taken by Kanna.

To cleanse it of the poison, the Master of Potions says she must defeat the demon inside the jug. Totosai tries to persuade Sesshomaru that he will surpass his father once he is able to abandon his attachment to the sword as well as his hatred of Inuyasha. Inuyasha turns into his demon form and tries to attack, but Sesshomaru fires his Meido Zangetsuha. But she comes back to life and locks Kagome within a barrier.

Kagome is worried, but she has to buckle down and study for her entrance exams… Episode 18 Sub The Day of Days Kohaku remains unconscious after being stared down by Magatsuhi, the evil will. Kagome is worried, but she has to buckle down and study for her entrance exams, so she decides to return home.

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Note, mature content in some chapters, 18 please. Please read and review! It will be continuing on from this account solely, with the new version of the story.

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Use this quiz to see which of the main characters on Inuyasha you’re most like. Just answer the questions and keep track of which letter you pick the most frequently. All right, have fun! To start things off, what’s your ‘niche’ in your group of friends? A I’m the strongest. They’d all be pretty helpless without me. Yep, I’m always there when they need me, but don’t you dare call me a ‘good’ guy! B I guess I sort of keep the peace among the others I’m the ‘kid’ in the group.

I sometimes get bullied and I’m not as strong as the others, but they need me just the same, I know it! D I suppose I’m the most level-headed and wisest. Though they don’t admit it, the others do need my guidance from time to time. E I’m somewhat withdrawn and quiet, and maybe not as outgoing as the others.

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