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Well, Trump and Russia, since the Golden Golem of Greatness is in league with Vladimir Putin to loot the world, or something like that. Trillions wafted into the stock and bond markets, levitating them as a sort of stage-managed misdirection from the sickening spectacle of wobbling real stuff economies.

In , The Dow Jones Industrial Average recorded an astounding 5, point year-on-year upzoom, with 12 months of gains and no loser months, and a string of 71 record highs. Did your eyes glaze over yet? What could go wrong with that program?

The dating scene in Toronto can be a lot to handle for those that aren’t from the city. There are certain things that are acceptable and tend to happen in relationships, that may seem absurd to .

A cold, you say? A record , tickets were sold this year: One of the biggest draws this year, and the pride and joy of festival director Dieter Kosslick, was the opening of a new festival cinema: Here, rather than festival red, an elegant white and blue set the tone for opening night, and for scores of screenings to follow over the next ten days and nights.

Kosslick, an indefatigably and irresistibly enthusiastic promoter he started out in advertising, moved on to political speechwriting, took hold of the reins of the Berlinale in and has been unstoppable ever since has used his talents to shape the Berlinale both structurally and programmatically. The Berlinale has always been by birthright a political film festival, conceived during the Cold War when Berlin was a divided city and the conflict between East and West was not only ideological, but, just beyond its borders, intermittently martial.

Berlin has a sharp, edge-like quality, just like the festival.

The Michael Roach Bubble.

October 23, Today, the Ebola, and for that matter the Marburg virus have assumed general acceptance. Nor is Rasnick alone. If the virus called Ebola is not causing the current epidemic, then what is? And most likely it is also aware that such tuberculosis has its own viral-like forms, some of which can simulate the Ebola. If such oversight stopped there it would be unremarkable, but it seems to have been carried over in the very design of the most recent CDC-approved tests to detect Ebola.

The member Toronto chapter, organized through a private Facebook group, is like a dating club for female friendship: members share life advice, organize group vacations, and meet for book.

Resolutions Each year at the end of December I sit down and ponder a set of New Year’s resolutions. Reflections on who we are, where we have been, and where we are going, I think are necessary to give us some direction so that we don’t move through life following Brownian motion. While some may be satisfied ping-ponging around in a random fashion from season to season, I find my best strategy is to define a set of goals or boundary conditions before I set out.

I want to recognize what I want and what areas of my life need my time and attention. It is only natural that as I plot my course for the upcoming year, I take a hard look back at the preceeding year to see how well I achieved the goals that I laid out. Today I share with you my findings. Certainly baring myself in this manner will allow you to see into me more deeply than I am comfortable, but maybe someone will get something out of this that will make this worthwhile.

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The Army has agreed in a court filing to comply with it’s own policies and not discharge a reservist who came to the US at age Unfortunately, there is no update to the “at least 40” other unnamed soldiers being discharged from the original AP reporting, hopefully this outcome provides them a path of action. Quoting myself from a previous thread:

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Ancient Zodiacs, Star Names, and Constellations: Essentially, Panbabylonism flourished between and It was a relatively short-lived movement in scholarship amongst Assyriologists and bible scholars. It formally originated in , reached the zenith of its popularity in , and its effective demise can be dated to It has been described as a German fantasy.

The Panbabylonist position was supported by leading German Assyriologists and biblical scholars initially Winckler, Jeremias, and Zimmern , and also a number of scholars in Europe and North America. These scholars claimed that there was a single common cultural system extended over the whole of the ancient Near East, which was overwhelmingly influenced by the Babylonians. They maintained that all the religions of the Near East were identical. Using and misusing Babylonian scientific texts and the so-called Epic of Gilgamesh a core of scholars concluded that Babylonian astral science had influenced all religions and cultures.

The Panbabylonian school assumed that the Bible both old and new testaments was also rooted in Babylonian culture, and not merely influenced by it. Despite the copious productivity of the principal Panbabylonists, Stucken, Winckler, and Jeremias, very little of their work has retained any lasting significance. The wider dates for Panbabylonism – which was largely a phenomenon in German scholarship – are to The Panbabylonists were almost entirely confined to Germany.

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Log in to Reply zerozero December 13, at 9: GAbert December 13, at As a consequence America shall continue to be ruled by that shrinking minority that owns it; at least for a little longer anyway. For the last two decades, those who can; have invested in China and India to realize the best returns. Log in to Reply Bobby December 13, at

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For well over a thousand years, millions of pilgrims have walked The Way of St James – the most popular route being almost KM’s. Beginning in France, over the Pyrenees Mountains, across Northern Spain to the Atlantic And just to make things interesting, Drew will be doing the entire trail in a vow of silence. The plan is to finish the Camino on his 50th birthday on November 30th. She grew up in a military family and moved 10 times in 15 years. Rebekah attended university and Anglican seminary, then worked in daily newspaper and magazine journalism for 22 years for a variety of US publications, specializing in travel, religion, and features.

It was on a travel assignment in that she discovered the Camino de Santiago, just as it was breaking on the North American consciousness , and fell in love with Spain. Rebekah returned to walk the mile Camino Frances trail in , and life was never the same afterward. She trained in Toronto to became a hospitalera volunteer hostel host in , and finally dropped out of media, sold up, and moved to Spain in Since then she has lived and worked on the Camino at Peaceable Kingdom Spain, a house in a tiny pueblo that’s open to pilgrims and other wanderers on a donation basis.

Rebekah also oversees an annual Camino litter pickup program and staffing at two pilgrim hostels. She keeps a popular blog “Big Fun in a Tiny Pueblo” and has written several Camino trail guides as well as “The Moorish Whore,” a best-selling historical novel , and “Holy Year,” a new memoir, soon to be released. Throughout the last month of Season 13, Drew will replay some of the most powerful personal stories of overcomers you will ever hear.

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Michael Barbee 81 Miss. The results show that the neuropsychological aspects deserve greater attention in temporal lobe epileptic patients in general and in those epileptic patients receiving non-monotherapy especially on Phenobarbital. The level of driving skill of well-treated idiopathic generalized epileptic patients was similar to that of normal drivers. Bard Jennifer S. But we consider less often is how difficult it is evaluate our own memories for accuracy.

The song referenced in the title of this article concerns a conversation about two lovers describing their first meeting – in all good faith both remember it quite differently.

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Dozens of followers and ex-followers of Roach are beginning to come forward with their memories. No one knows where this story is leading. There are now almost 48K views of my original May 4th piece about the circumstances under which Ian Thorson died after being expelled from Diamond Mountain by Michael Roach and the Diamond University Board. There are over 28K views of the follow-up.

The threads read like a collective doctoral study of Tibetan metaphysics and cross-cultural anthropology, as well as the twisting saga of present and ex-students navigating a swamp of devotion and trauma. Huffpo picked up the story on May 22nd. When the New York Times reported on June 5th, the floodgates of global media opened.

Lama Surya Das warned the world about him in HuffPo. The story is getting louder. But on Diamond Mountain there is the silence of continued retreat, and tight lips. Except for Roach, who has had plenty to say — mainly about himself.

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Critics frequently state, or imply that LDS scholars are not real scholars. LDS scholarship is biased. Mormon church-owned company buys huge swath of Florida land Orlando Sentinel November 8, – Relevance: The megapurchase was announced jointly Thursday by a corporate representative of church, which owns the nearly , acre Deseret Ranches in Central Florida, and by the real-estate and timber business, which has built several communities along the Panhandle coast.

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Such is merely a snapshot of the billon dollar success story that is Harry Potter. Who knew that the tale of a young, spectacled boy wizard who once lived under a set of stairs would end up being such a phenomenon? Some say it has to do with the fact that people are generally enticed by magic and the supernatural. Others claim that the success is owed to J. But perhaps the best explanation comes from none other than J. Rowling herself, who attributes the success of Harry Potter to the simple fact that “people fell in love with the characters.

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Based on extrapolations, all of the key decision that will determine if humanity survives as a species must be made in the next 10 years. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Often the process of reformulating the question and giving the answer is the same process This is the scientific approach. Do not expect answers before you have found clear meanings. Do not throw away unclear questions.

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The term may in fact be used synonymously with constitution, since the function of a constitution is to provide the basic law for a governmental regime. But it is more common, at least in governments with written constitutions, for the term constitution to refer to the actual text of the basic document, while constitutional law connotes the constitution as interpreted and applied by the organs of government and as elaborated and rationalized by scholarly commentators.

Every regime must have an organizational framework, an agreed division of responsibilities among public instrumentalities, and a system of definitions of individual rights and status in the community. In a traditional society these arrangements and understandings are established by custom, but in more modern societies they are subject, through a process of conscious choice, to determination or revision by the policy-making institutions of government.

These determinations have, since the adoption of the American and French constitutions toward the close of the eighteenth century, generally been codified in a comprehensive written document that has status superior to ordinary statute law and that can be amended only by a special legislative procedure. In England, however, it has proved possible to proceed on into the twentieth century without any systematic codification of the rules of the political system.

Constitutional law in England consequently cannot be clearly distinguished from other public law, since it has no superior legal authority; and any constitutional practice, even the most fundamental, can be overridden or revised by act of Parliament.

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