Bungie Considering Matchmaking for Destiny’s Raids

Rise Of Iron Photo: Activision Early details on the purported Destiny sequel are pouring onto the web, courtesy of internal leaks and a consistent source of early Destiny news. Many of the changes being discussed for the next game will please the existing audience. The latest unofficial update on Destiny 2 began with a NeoGAF post from someone claiming to have a friend at Activision privy to information about the oft-rumored Destiny sequel. According to the insider , the next game in the series will include raid matchmaking, easily the most-requested feature for the current iteration of Destiny. People try to fake news about triple-A games all the time. According to Schreier, Destiny: The goal is to deliver the complete overhaul that many fans expected when The Taken King arrived last year. Both are undoubtedly part of the same franchise. But D2 was a new game.

How Destiny 2 can overcome its predecessor’s shortfalls: what we want to see

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Destiny lead designer says that they have ‘absolutely no plans’ of doing raid matchmaking while LFG is definitely coming.

If you were hoping to log-in to Destiny, fire up the game menu and open an option to instantly find a good raid team via a matchmaking tool think again; that. Matchmaking in destiny raids Would you like to see Raid matchmaking in Destiny 2. More From The Legend of Zelda. Are you looking to do this with inn. Now streamlined for faster access to the info you want. I hope destijy take all of this into consideration and do let me know your thoughts on the possibility of seeing a system like this implemented in Destiny 2, destint in the comments.

I think matchmaking for pieces of the raid simular to strikes would be ok to gather pratice for doing the raid proper. Bungie has confirmed that they have no current plans to implement raid matchmaking in Destiny. However, the treat won’t be matchmaking. More From Stranger Things. I am aware that this is a very controversial topic.

Destiny 2 Raids and Nightfalls Contain Matchmaking, Clan Support

Anonymous 8 Comments 20 Signatures Goal: There’s always a reason to keep on playing: We’ve all had so much fun playing in the Campaign, Crucible, Patrol, and Strikes. But what about Raids? There are those of us who still can’t play just because we have no one to play with, and it’s pointless trying to solo your way through one with near impossible odds with a painfully difficult task that will reset the whole mission every Tuesday correct me if I’m wrong.

I say “we” because it’s futile trying to to this alone.

Bungie confirms that Destiny could receive a separate or at least a tweaked version of the regular matchmaking system for its complex raids, so that players are teamed up with valuable companions.

How Destiny 2 can overcome its predecessor’s shortfalls: The sequel, however, is an opportunity for a drastic overhaul. Some of this may be happening, some of it is just wishful thinking for now. Catch up on everything we know about Destiny 2. In this way, Destiny is like your mother: Have five friends but one of them is busy or in another time zone?

Hopefully this slight concession is a sign that a proper remedy is on the way, and it would be simple to implement: It could be as simple as hanging out by raid entrances in the open world, as we already see in other MMOs. Playing with strangers is also easier on PC thanks to typed chat which, naturally, we’re expecting.

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Jemas Jemas 3 years ago 1 There is a lot of chatter and complaining about the end game raids not having a match making aspect. But this guy explained it in a simple way, that seems to get the point across. Then I watched it again. I really did miss what Luke Smith was outlining for Raids.

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Ik wil vooraf al zeggen dat Battlefield en bijvoorbeeld GTA ook hun eigen problemen kennen, maar ergens heeft het meer replay waarde dan Destiny. Persoonlijk denk ik maar dat je in games als Battlefield het ‘grinden’ niet doet om te grinden, om zaken perse vrij te spelen. Het kan, en gebeurd ook, zeker. Maar daar ligt niet de nadruk op. Daar ben je toch meer bezig althans ik met wat gezellige lui in een party proberen wat potjes te winnen.

In Destiny ben je hoofdzakelijk in je eentje bezig om steeds exact dezelfde bounties te verzilveren om updates vrij te spelen voor je wapens en gear. Zelfs de strikes werden routine; het was iedere keer precies hetzelfde. Je wist waar de vijanden zaten en op den duur hoe je het snelste erdoor heen kwam. De Raids brachten juist dat samenwerken met een leuke club mensen om samen iets voor elkaar te krijgen.

Dat was ook het enige dat me nog boeide aan Destiny. Ook de rewards zijn er niet naar.

Destiny 2 Guide : Comment monter son niveau de puissance

TC is upset because he wants this game to be percent casual it seems. Not trying to start a flame war but if you could just do the end game content with randoms its casual. Why is it so bad if it’s casual and someone else can experience the same content? Is it just because the hardcore need their ego stroke?

Nov 09,  · SWTOR/ SWTOR News. SWTOR Guild Leveling, Guild Parks and Conquest Changes in Dulfy 30 Comments Nov 9, Bioware has given some details regarding guild leveling, guild perks and conquest changes in Patch

Destiny vault of glass raid matchmaking The team assigned to the Mars left portal will use the sink-plate and defend from incoming enemies. A weekly update from Destiny developers Bungie has revealed that the studio is considering adding matchmaking to their end-game raids. Asked about raid matchmaking in destiny vault of glass raid matchmaking weekly update Bungie said: About Ethel Mullen destiny vault of glass raid matchmaking But now, following several stories of six-man teams meeting each other just outside of the entry point to the Vault, Bungie have stated they are looking into possibly including matchmaking.

Yet, we understand its limitations. In the recipe of a Bungie game, Matchmaking has always contributed the ingredient of a team built to play one match of competitive multiplayer. Most of the raiding parties who destiny vault of glass raid matchmaking emerged victorious from the Vault of Glass have sworn that one weak link would have doomed their chain. There have been other stories, of course. IGN just released Vault of Glass endgame raid video and it seems like there’s no matchmaking for it.

So you’ll need 5 more friends who can nolife with you for six hours or go home and not be able to do it at all. At first they announce we have only one explorable location per planet and now this? Hopefully the game is good throughout and not just the end-game Because what I’ve read there’s two “raids” labelled as not an MMO but yet uses the diction of one, oh activision one is the devil’s lair but easy medium hard.

Destiny Raid Matchmaking, Private Matches Discussed By Bungie

Raids moeten juist een uitdaging zijn, voor mensen die er tijd in willen steken. Als een raid gedaan kan worden met een willekeurige dungeon finder, dan is de hele ervaring van een raid weg. Het is dan gewoon een grotere dungeon met betere loot waar je doorheen sprint. Nergens heb ik aangegeven dat de moeilijkheidsgraad van raids naar beneden geschroeft moet worden.

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By William Usher 3 years ago If you were hoping to log-in to Destiny, fire up the game menu and open an option to instantly find a good raid team via a matchmaking tool The designer addressed the issue of finding decent matches for raids via in-game tools. Smith shoots down the idea that they need traditional tools that people are accustomed to, when discussing matchmaking I think that’s the challenge. It’s not how do we change the raid-design philosophy to allow for matchmaking.

The game itself feels like the skeleton of an MMO that was intended to evolve into a bustling single-player campaign, but neither idea came together in a way that made it satisfactory Nevertheless, Bungie wants to address the game’s lack of camaraderie and they’re going to do so in a way that fits the nature of the game. So how do they plan to do this? Well, Smith offers something of an old-school suggestion Where you can say ‘I want to do this.

Destiny Won’t Be Getting Raid Matchmaking, Here’s Why

If you were hoping to log-in to Destiny, fire up the game menu and open an option to instantly find a good raid team via a matchmaking tool think again; that. The Heroic Strike, destinyy showers you with. Matchmaking in destiny Matchmaking in destiny would not drop matvhmaking weapons and would be lower light level. Casual players will probably continue to exist as if this news never entered their lives in the first place. Luckily, Argos has you covered in its Boxing Day sales with this pretty generous package.

REQUIRES DESTINY: THE TAKEN KING. Destiny: Rise of Iron is the next highly anticipated expansion to the Destiny universe. The wall which stood for centuries along the southern border of Old Russia has collapsed. Join Lord Saladin. Journey into the Plaguelands. Learn the fate of the Iron Lords and stop the growing threat before it is too late.

Gameplay[ edit ] Destiny gameplay Destiny’s style has been described as a first-person shooter that incorporates role-playing and MMO elements, but Bungie has avoided describing Destiny as a traditional MMO game. For instance, rather than players being able to communicate with all other players in the game or on a particular server — as is the case in many conventional MMO games — Destiny includes on-the-fly matchmaking that allows players to communicate only with other players with whom they are “matched” by the game.

To communicate with other players in the game world, players must use their respective console’s messaging system. A social space on Mercury was added with the House of Wolves expansion, but requires players to go undefeated in the Trials of Osiris Crucible mode in order to access it. Character progression and classes[ edit ] Players are able to improve their characters, referred to as Guardians, by gaining experience points EXP — when a set number of experience points are accumulated, the player’s character will “level up” and gain improved statistics which further enhance performance in battle.

Quests , including the “main scenario” quest line, are specific tasks given to the player by non-player characters which reward items and EXP. Completing main scenario quests progresses the overarching plot of the game. Destiny features three character classes. Each class has their own specific upgrades, perks, special abilities, and two sub-classes that allow the player to finely tune their individual characters to provide a different play style. After choosing a class, players select one of three species for their character: Human, Awoken bluish-gray-skinned descendants of Humans , or Exo humanoid machines.

They can then customize their character, such as changing its gender or skin color. A character’s species is only cosmetic and does not affect gameplay. Players can create two more characters to have a character of each class.

Destiny 2 LFG – Looking for Group

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Destiny 2 Should Destiny 2 have raid matchmaking? Bungie needs to make raids more accessible in Destiny 2, is matchmaking the best way to do that? I have long thought that Destiny should have matchmaking for raids. I remember when I first started playing Destiny and eventually getting to a high enough level to attempt Vault of Glass, it was extremely difficult and time-consuming to try to find a group to attempt the raid with. Luckily, I eventually found a lot of new friends on Destiny and we would raid regularly but sometimes it can be difficult to find friends to do activities in Destiny with and this is why I think Destiny 2 should have raid matchmaking or something that makes it easier for people to get into raiding.

Whilst adding in matchmaking to raids would probably be fairly straight forward for Bungie to do, there is undoubtedly several disadvantages to a fully matchmade raid. How would raid matchmaking work If Bungie where to add raid matchmaking what form should it take? Should there be any pre-requesites before you can even begin matchmaking? Yes, there should be. There is probably no point attempting a raid if you speak English and the other 5 fireteam members speak Spanish.

Destiny – NO Raid Matchmaking!